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Stop discussing, Start working :-)

Let me start a new thread. All the discussion is needful too, but we really
should start work on the flyer. Let me see whats need to be done:

      1.) Find a sponsor for the print. Find out how much money we
          can use.
      2.) Find a print shop which can do the job in the next
          week. I can phone around on monday. Problem is the holiday
          on thursday, but i think it would still be enough to have
          the flyers on Tuesday, 4th. If the job is done at a 
          print shop at my near, i can pick the flyers up and 
          bring them with me to the linuxtag on Wednesday.
      3.) Finish a design on time. The old design with corrections
          really sound like the best way to me, even if it was
          made with non-free software. If someone like, he can try
          to rebuild the flyer with free-software. I guess we can
          reuse the old texts (with corrections).
          Deadline for the designs: Monday, probably Tuesday.



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