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Re: Debian Flyer

On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 01:58:08PM +0200, Michael Holzt wrote:
> > You can very well create high quality, graphically enhanced printings 
> > with The GIMP and LaTeX.  All you need to do is a) learn GIMP and b) 
> > learn LaTeX and graphic capabilities.
> Yeah, if you like "somewhat-near-the-color-we-picked"-prints, than go
> and do it with gimp. But this is not even close to 'high quality' as
> promised above.

Well, if the Debian swirl has a slightly different red than on the
webpage, I guess we could live with that *for this specific application*

The flyer has to be informative and interesting, not uber-professional
and totally perfect in color.
> Oh and another point: "Hand it over to a design studio and receive
> four slides". And what do you think what kind of software this design
> studio uses? Oh let me guess, non free one. I thought you wanted to 
> avoid that?

hmm, good point there.


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