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Re: Back-Cover

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 06:08:33PM +0200, Christian Weerts wrote:

> > I like the DFSG background.
> Maybe you're the only one? I've got no other comments on
> this!

Sorry, not much time lately. I like it, too! Great work, Christian!

> > Oh, now I see, there's a red-swirl variant as well, could you dim the
> > red a little bit to make it not burn into ones eyes?  I guess that
> > would be best.

For me the current "red-swirl" variant does not look "right". The swirl
has a shadow on the background, so it floats above the DFSG, but in the
"red-swirl" variant it looks like the text is printed over the swirl, which
gives it an odd look for me. The grey swirl is solid and hides the text
under it so it gives the right "feeling". If the red swirl is meant to be
translucent, it should IMHO only be partially translucent, so that one gets
the impression of it floating in accordance with the shadow.
Regarding the color itself, I would prefer red above grey, but it should
be either solid, or only a little bit translucent.

> > The "fade-Rand" variant sucks.  Hmm, let me check it again.  Maybe it
> > does not suck, but I need to see it on a carton around a cd...
> > However, the red swirl is missing at least.  I could imagine that the
> > fading Rand (=margin) could look quite nicely...  We'd have to try.
> Okay. I like the fading margins also. I'll see if time left.

Matter of personal preference, I'd say. I like the "normal" margins more,
but this should be the artist's, i.e. Christian's, decision.

> I will only have the time to work _this evening_ on the
> covers. On Monday I'll send the covers in RGB-Tiff to Grisu.
> So if someone have comments - get in touch with me quickly!

The current version still has "unteranderem" as one word - I am rather
sure this has to be written as "unter anderem", even with the new German

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