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Re: Sponsor-Uebersicht ...

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 02:01:31PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> >  1.) work the jigdo-files? 
> >      if yes: use version-number-names 
> >      if no: remove it.
> It builds without an error. I got no problem reports until now.
> So i think it does.
> Ha, one person from IRC used it, so it work. :)
> Next jigdo will be with -2 like the CD IMage.

I use it too. BUt the download is not finished.

> BTW: I got a mail that i should not change the names too often. :)

I don't know the diskspace from p.d.o. But you should not remove the old
images and 'never' remove the jigdo files

> With next Image (coming today) there will be a link from current.raw to the
> actual CD Image. Same goes for jigdo stuff.


> But i dont know if thats the best. I dont want people to be frustrated
> about useless big downloads, so give me hints to make it better if
> thats bad.

There is no useless download. See the -c option from wget.

> BTW2: I got many Private Mails today. Im working on them all, next
> Image will be prepared today. I also done some work yesterday. Look
> into the Changelog. I try to keep at least ChangeLog and Todo actual,
> so you always know what Im doing. But next Image is on the way. This
> Evening. :)

maybe you should send this mail to the list... 

Or you should remove your email-adresse from the rsync comment...

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