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Re: CD-Cover -again-

* Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> [020514 06:57]:
> On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 11:22:41PM +0200, Christian Weerts wrote:
> > I've already added a new front-cover-layout to
> > http://armadillo.ffis.de/debian-cd-lt02/
> > I suggest you read the Changelog.
> > 
> > I hope it is the last one (for the front). :->
> ok.
> > Grisu:
> > What about the Sponsors. Do we need to place them on the
> > front-cover? I suggest to place them at the top/bottom of
> > the back-cover and the CD itself. Can you ask the sponsors
> > if they agree to this facility?
> I hope this is ok. 
Joey prefers the Sponsors on the front. I think it should be
possible with smaller logos.

> Lehmanns ask about a text like: 
>  "Ein vollständiges CD-Set können Sie bei www.lob.de bestellen"
> IMHO this is ok, but lehmanns centric. Can you add something like:
>  "Ein vollständiges CD-Set können Sie unteranderen bei folgenden
>   Distributoren bestellen: 
>    http://www.lob.de/
>    http://www.springer.de/
>    http://www.linuxland.de/
>  "
Okay, this could be added on the back with bigger logos than
on the front.

No much place left on the back
   . cat INSTALL-file
   . bigger logos of the sponsors
   . "buy a cd-set"-text
   . debian GNU/Linux of course
   . what else?

May the Source be with you...

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