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Re: LT CD, Second Try

Alexander Wirt <formorer@formorer.de> writes:

>> Ok. Should i stop and let you do the work?
> Hu is this a kindergarten ?

Was, das ist keiner? :)

> I think this a a multi person opensource projekt where everybody could
> take part in it. 

With things like "Thats bad, better do it this way" Yes. Not with "get
lost, go away / similar".
Could be that I react a a little to hard, but thats me :)

>> I dont care about tasksel or aptitude, but i try to build a usable CD.
> tasksel is very fine for beginners. A "newbie" never could no every
> package he has to install.

Yes. But this "Tasksel or not" started because i asked to remove
tasksel because we dont have all needed Packages for all tasks.

I asked to remove it because i dont think its useful without all
packages. But everyone wants tasksel, so i stay with it. :)
I dont said that tasksel is bad (that came later :) ) in my initial
Mail and then said that dselect is easy to a reply :)

>> dselect is easy. DOT.
> not to a newbie

I know 2 Debian Newbies. They deleted aptitude for dselect! :)
2 from many thousand. :))

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