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Re: CD-Cover

Christian Weerts wrote:
> > > i had some creative time and do a raw concept for an
> > > CD-Cover.  At this moment only the Logo's of LinuxTag and
> > > Debian are present. If you like my proposal, i'll need
> > > the logo's of the sponsors and all the other stuff for the
> > > back-cover.
> > > 
> > > Here it is: http://armadillo.ffis.de/debian-cd-lt02/

Btw. it's been added to the CD page.

> > > The image is just a little PNG-File to save the transparency
> > > of the background and save DL-Time. The Original is based
> > > upon the Artwork from last year.
> > > 
> > > Awaiting your comments / whishes.
> > 
> > qiv displays it with a black background, that's way too dark,
> Maybe qiv does'nt support transparency?

Since I just got some other graphics that were looking quite strange,
I guess so.  *sigh*

> > also the logo seems to suffer from aliasing.
> Hmm, do you mean the Debian- or the LT-logo?

I seem to recall that I was puzzled by the Debian logo, but I'm not

> The LT-logo is taken from the website in GIF-Format. For
> that, of course, i need a high-resolution image.

I can provide an EPS, does GIMP eat that?
I just took a look at the newest hand covers.

I'm impressed!

I like that artwork, it makes the cd special, really.

Very good work Christian!  I'm also impressed by your skills.

However, here are some comments for further improvements:

 . Black on Red is not easy to read, better use a light red background
   if you need a background

 . Black on dark grey (left side, left+above) is not easy to read.
   Better use a light background.

 . Shaded text on the left triangle looks scary.  I would not use drop
   in shadows there, just use a bold plain sans-serif font
   (i.e. Arial, Helvetica, Humanist etc.)

 . Just printing the DFSG/GPL on top of the entire image
   is... umh... strange somehow.  If it would be printed on just the
   ball/egg that would be cool.

 . One proposal lacks a triangle with background for the text
   "LinuxTag 2002 Edition", you should use a spcial background to
   ensure it is a different and important element.

 . I'd rather like a sans-serif font for the Text "3.0 Woody" as well.

 . Also, you should think about where and how to place sponsor logos.
   With the current design... I had some problems, since there is not
   enough free space on the right side and the artwork is too cool and
   interesting to be printed over by a logo. :-)



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