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Re: First draft of the LinuxTag-booth

Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org> writes:

ARGH. Sorry für die verhunzte Mail eben.

> I've started planning the booth and those are the constraints we have IMO:
> - besides the demo computer only 2 or 3 extra computers are
>   needed. Not every question has to be answered by typing in strange
>   commands :)

If you look at
http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2002/hardware.html you
see that we have some more :)
8 computers now, 5 Architectures.

> This is a draft sketch of how I think the booth could be:
>          3-4m    3m
>        |______|______|_
>        |TTTTTT       |
>        |             |
>        |          B  | 4m?
>        |             |
>        |SSS        D |
>        ---------------
> D is a high table ("Stehpult") or shelf with a computer on it for the
> shows and for explaining stuff, B is the approximate position of the
> Beamer which should be somehow mounted to the ceiling[1]. The free
> space on the right wall would be perfect for the "DDs all over the
> world"-poster. I don't know yet if D should point inside or outside
> the booth, both versions have advantages.

If outside then there must be some space between D and the end of
booth. So that you dont stand in the floor.

> T would be a long table with more computers on it, mainly the Alpha
> and the PowerPC. Above them, some posters about our 11 architectures?

Dont forget the SE Enhanced Debian where everyone could try to break in.

> By the way: we do need some kind of booth master: the one with the key
> to the cash box. This should also be the person standing behind S to
> keep confusion and asking around at a minimum level.

If you trust me enough. Im only interested in 3, max. 4 of the talks,
see below.

> I intend to start collecting information about who could be manning
> the booth when. Thus, everybody should think about what talks he wants
> to listen to so that we can assign shifts. Of course, the shifts won't
> be completely static but IMHO we should have a rough plan to avoid the
> too-many-DDs-problem. If noone objects I'll start asking those wanting
> to help in the booth by personal mail when they'll have time.

Today i plan to visit the following things:
7.6. 9:00 PostgreSQL  (*ONLY* if there is nothing interesting with the
                      Debian Day)
8.6. 9:00 Samba & LDAP (this is important :) )
8.6. 11:00 QT Designer. (Just for fun, can be killed if there is noone
                        else in the booth at this time :) )
9.6. 9:00 PAM

> We have to talk about the demo computer a bit more: I guess that
> anyone showing something special on the machine needs a specific
> install on it. Do we have a good solution for this problem?

One of my machines is for Russel Coker, the SE System. It should also
be the FTP Server for local Installation Demos. And the pppoe-Server to
demonstrate the DSL-Installation.
Hey, i must have a ISDN Card somewhere. I will test if it still works,
so we can show ISDN4Linux on Debian too. I also have 2 USR Courier
I-Modem. So we can play "ISP" for the Show ? (I dont know what else we
need for that to work).

> Do we prepare several partitions on the evenings before the show! Or
> do we use something like mondo to quickly put a new install on it?
> Anyway, there should be nothing important on the harddisk at all...

On my 2 Systems there is nothing important. :)
I dont know if Russel is there at Wednesday. If yes he probably
installs the SE System at WE Evening. If not i give him SSH Access. I
can do that for the other Machine too. But then we have to talk at
which time, i dont want to run them 24hours :)
Thats for my 2 Machines :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
Registered Linux User #97793 @ http://counter.li.org

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