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Re: Linuxtag

Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

>> > you get all needed packages in 8GB (and maybe 4GB too)
>> > (we don't need packages like lib.*perl.*-dev ... )
>> Yes, but then there is no room for the SE-System. And the other PC
>> should be the "Install" PC (either for "Let the User install it and
>> just answer questions" or for a Install-Show).
> SE requires very little space.  Currently my entire set of packages comprises 
> 6.5M of debs, most of which are replacements for regular packages and thus 
> only take about 1K or 2K of extra disk space once installed.
> Running an SE system as an FTP server will work well.

Ok, then we have one ftp Server. :)
Do you have an SE Enhanced FTP Server ? :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
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