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Re: LinuxTag

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 03:37:22PM +0200, Thimo Neubauer wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 09:08:55AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Sorry to disturb you, folks, but would you mind, stopping the
> > flamebait and bogus posting and actually going back to *organizing*
> > and *maintaining* our presence at LinuxTag this year?  It's only one
> > month left and many questions are still unanswered.


> One of the most important questions being: what should the b ooth look
> like: Joey, can we get a plan of the booth? Well, at least the size of
> it so that we can plan a bit on what to place where?

normal we get the size in the last days. The open projects can make a
list of wishes and joey (as linuxtag orga team member) decides the size

> I imagine the following for the booth:
> - several posters on the wall pointing out great features. I'll
>   personally create one about "Europe's fastest cluster running
>   Debian". More ideas are:
>    + list of all woody-architectures with little images of computers
>    + the usual world-map

need we a new map, or can we use the map from last year?

>    + "Debian is the only disto made by volunteers, ... , n-thousand
>    packages, ... blah, ... open BTS, ...". A poster like this should
>    be placed at the front of the booth so that the visitors can
>    quickly inform themselves.

we have some old posters... 

Have someone the source from this old posters? (it was tex ?)
>   Anyone wanting to create posters?

we need somebody to
  - recreate the old posters (this are all potato posters...)
  - print the posters on >>DIN A4 paper... 
    (maybe someone from a university?)

> - normally about 3 persons manning the booth, up to 6 in the rush hour
>   (just invented the numbers to get a discussion going). I fear that
>   we should assign shifts because otherwise we'll just crowd up as
>   usual... and shifts would help to always have certain specialists of
>   ours around (like, e.g. always a networking guru in the booth).

I don't now see the crowed problem... See on the list, who is on the

>   I think that the booth is mainly for those who don't know Debian yet
>   and/or aren't experienced enough to cope with simple problems. Of
>   course, we've got a whole lot of fans who just want to talk some
>   tech on LinuxTag. IMO it would be perfect if we got some place
>   (maybe a small room somewhere?) where could set up a coffee machine
>   and keep the professional discussions there. Some place where all
>   DDs can hang around if there are enough persons in the booth and
>   naturally this would be the place for the techie-visitor to ask
>   freaky questions. Opinions?

joey: have the LT 2002 a hacking center again?

I don't think we get a extra room for debian! 

> - hopefully one or two tables to sit down when talking with the visitors

no, please not. We are not a company and we don't make contracts, we
don't need tables. Tables need some a lot of size of a booth. 

Maybe we need some demo point like things (like the KDE booth last year)

we should show debian all the time!

> - one white wall where we can project stuff
>   I think that regular and small shows would e quite nice. Maybe once
>   an hour there could be a _small_ demonstration of about 10 minutes
>   with questions afterward. That's what I imagined when I offered the
>   laptop-networking talk... 

1.) you talk:
    can't you make a 'real talk' for the debian day? 

2.) I like shows with a beamer on the booth... 

    let draw something:

    ----------------------------------+==== white wall ====+-
    -----+                                                  |
    Moni.|                                                  |
    and  |                                      ^           |
    PC   |           +---------+            +---|-----+     |
         |           | Monitor |            |beamer   |     |
    -----+           | PC      |            |PC witout|     |
                     |         |            |Monitor  |     |

    Someone is all the time on the demopoint with the beamer and talk
    with visitors and show debian (apt-get, update-menues, all the
    stuff). All without a programm. 

    from time to time we can use the beamer for a extra scheduled talks,
    a installation demo etc. (max 3 per Day ?)


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