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Re: Debian CDs

#include <hallo.h>
Joerg Jaspert wrote on Fri Apr 26, 2002 um 04:06:20PM:

> > I beg to disagree and ask for a vote concerning Emacs. :-)
> > In fact I could understand if you're asking for vi, but emacs ... :-)
> vi ? That editor that can do nothing except beep or destroy your files
> ? :)
> Ok, we should pack both, one for the good, one for the bad, so everyone
> is happy :)

Yeah, I suggest to drop nvi, so vim is used instead ;)

> Zum Unlesbarmachen kann man auch cdrecord blank=full auf eine CD-R
> anwenden ;-)
aber doch wohl nur in /dev/mikrowelle oder? :-)
                  Andreas 'Knv' Kanev in de.comp.hardware.cd-brenner

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