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freedom of information - freedom of movement

dear people from the debian-project

i'm juergen from vienna and have been working for the last few years
with the european noborder network (www.noborder.org). I'm also involved
with the project nobordertour/noborderzone (publixtheatrecarawan -
no-racism.net/nobordertour no-racism.net/noborderzone). You might have
heard about this project. We had some unwanted publicity when we  got
arrested in summer 2001 after the protests against the G8-meeting in
genova (italy).

we'd like to invite you to come to an international border camp in
strassbourg in july 2002 (19.7.2002 - 28.7.2002). The european noborder
network chose strassbourg at the location for this years camp to point
to the virtualisation of borders in and around Europe: Strassbourg is
the location of the Schengen Information System (SIS), a database which
is a major factor in the exclusive "harmonisation" of fortress Europe.
Consequently, discussions and actions on issues like hackivism,
open-source and the ways to intervene in the deportation machinery with
technological means are on the agenda of the camp. 

we see an immediate connection between freedom of movement and freedom
of information. the use of information technology for restriction of
movement of people who are subject to racist discrimination and
increasingly of those who are willing to protest against the new world
order is an absurd reality, which calls for ongoing discussion and
action. free movement of people and information is a core issue of a
free world. restriction of freedom of movement is part of an outdated
concept of society. it cannot co-exist with a world wide communication
society. borders, national identities and racist exclusions are part of 
european history - and so is their subversion. 
we want to use information technology in the tradition that interfers
with power relations, and work towards a world wide networked society,
with an emphasis on emancipation from sexism and racism. 

To take this approach further and put it into interaction with other
activist issues, we set up "dsec", a thread during the strasbourg
bordercamp. It provides a space for the exploration of projects like the
chaos computer club, debian/GNU-linux, freeBSD, indymedia and many more.
"dsec" stands for ?database system to enforce control?. With the
schengen information system, we have one of them right at the doorstep
of the camp, designed to ensure the smooth running of the deportation
system. One of our main considerations is to use the SIS as a
testing-ground for interventions. you can find a call to this project on
[http://dsec.info]. we don't believe in hostility towards technologie -
the point is to use information- and communication technology tactically
and see it as an essential part of an emancipated, networked society. 

With dsec, we want to give momentum to the exploration of technical
potentials in the resistance against the border regime - and hopefully
carry on when the camp is over. The topics we have in mind so far are:

- freedom of information and freedom of movement - where are the
connections? (indymedia, no-racism.net, a-infos, allsorts, nadir,
sindominio, no one is illegal, the voice, noborder-groups...)
- the world of open source: anti-capitalist software-development?
project presentations and workshops (debian, freeBSD...) 
- hacktivism - art and electronic disobedience (ccc, rtmark,
deportation-class, communication guerilla, root@sis# shutdown -h now) 
- hacking and ethics - explorations of a concept
- media activism - the radio stream from everywhere (undercurrents,
pirate radios, activist videos, mobile media units)
- virtualisation of borders - imagining invisible frontiers 

during the preperation of the camp we wondered if you'd be up for taking
part in some way or other. We need people with the experience of a real
project, with a practical and/or a theoretical background. 
Specifically, we are looking for people who would like to do/contribute
to workshops or talk about hacktivism, ethics and hacking, open-source
projects like freeBSD and debian, virtualisation of borders. 
dsec is an open project with the potential to develop into some sort of
hacker-meeting. a space to think and a space to put ideas into practice.
Ideas about the use of free media, the role of teccies, virtual public
space, dealing with censorship the power of representations and the
power of the streets and more. 

if you have an idea which projects we should invite to the camp, please
let us know.

would be great if you'd accept the invitation to strassbourg and look
forward to discussions, workshops and actions with a whole lot of very
different people. 

best greetings from vienna
juergen schmidt

root@sis# shutdown -h now

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