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Re: Planungen LinuxTag

Stefan Gybas wrote:
> > 	1.6.1 What ought to be on the CD?
> I vote for Knoppix (or a modified version of it). Debian's
> installation is not easy for beginners so Knoppix might be more
> valuable for them. It's also nice to have a CD that you can take with
> you and show Windows users the benefits of Linux in less than 2
> minutes.

There's another such system from the 'Beschaffungsamt' in Bonn, jFYI.

> What about the LinuxTag CDs? Are they putting Knoppix on one of them
> like they did last year? Then we should of course put woody on our CD.

As far as I know, yes.  However, these CD's will be *sold*, so we
would actually trying to ruin them if we distribute them gratis.
This should be coordinated somehow, it would be *very* bad if LTeV
would end up with n-200 CD's (with n like 5k or 10k) for which they
also paid.

Oh, btw. It's planned to make an installation on hd of Knoppix.
I'm pretty sure, Klaus would appreciate a helping hand... (hint hint)

> > 	1.6.2 Who is going to master the CD?
> I can do this if we are going to use Knoppix. I've been building custom
> Knoppix CDs (with NVidia's X11 drivers and Java stuff) for quite some
> time and showed them to some friends. Everybody was very excited about
> this CD and wanted a copy!

Didn't know, quite cool!



Crap can work.
Given enough thrust pigs will fly, but it's not necessarily a good idea.

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