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Debian @ Linux Kongreß 2001 -- Update


I have finally received details for the booth in Enschede.

Our booth will be 4qm large with two tables of 75x75 cm each and a
couple of chairs.  We will have an exhibition panel where we can pin
up posters (I was told: "please don't use glue!  Just use drawing pins
or something.")  We will have ip-connectivity through Wavelan, so one
of the many laptops will have to be our gateway, there will be at
least three wavelan cards, so should be enough.  There will be power
as well.

Besides Laptops there will be a nice Sun machine.  Judging from the
size of the table, there won't be enough space for more than four
machines (including laptops).

Does somebody have some spare drawing pins flying around?



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	-- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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