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Systems 2001


FYI: I've applied for a booth at the upcoming Systems exhibition which
will take part at October 15th to 19th in Munich, Germany.  The Linux
New Media AG (editor of the German Linux Magazin and Linux User
magazine) has offered a free booth like we had last year.

I can't attend the show personally, but I can try to help from here.

There will be space for two computers + two monitors like there was
last year.  Thus, I would be very thankfully if two people of our
Munich Crew would be able to provide two boxes with monitors.

We haven't head much space for posters last year, so I guess that A3
is the maximum space that our posters may be large.  If somebody could
provide a Debian Swirl and the Illiard-graphic in that size coloured,
that would be nice.



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