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I guess the following rules should apply:

..Sponsor get's a logo on the front page
. Sponsor gets hit URL and "Mit freundlicher Unterstuetzung von"
    and name on the back?
. Instead of >woody< it should be ,,woody'' (maybe with a capital 'w', but
  I doubt.
. The LinuxTag Logo should be on the first page so mark that it is a 
  special LinuxTag edition.

In general both logos look good, though, I guess the second one, I like
a little bit more.

The Stamp "untested beta": Does the border has to be that thick?  I could
imagine that borders half of that size would look better.

Jens, you haven't yet created a back page, could you do that as well?



GNU does not eliminate all the world's problems, only some of them.
                                                -- The GNU Manifesto

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