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[jens@neppe.com: Re: Braunchweig im Mai: [Fwd: Debian-Stand]]

I guess this mail was supposed to be send here...


Roland Bauerschmidt
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Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Err... folks be prepared to require a *CAR* (that stinky thing with four
> > wheels...) to transport it, that alpha doesn't just show up here and
> > there...
> In addition, it is quite heavy as well... I don't want to carry it on my
> one for a longer distance...
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> Roland Bauerschmidt
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I might be able to organize something like a car. My parents live in
Braunschweig. It just depends on how long the distance is( I don't want
to transport hardware from Munich to Braunschweig. ) But keep in mind
that it's just a Golf(car). I also have to say, that I cannot be present
at the booth on Sunday, 6th May due to one of these family events called
birthday. : ( But I can shurely help at the end of the event.

I thought about bringing along my i486 DX/2 66MHz 4MB Ram Colani
BlueNote. It's not ready configured yet *smile* and there's still a
Debian 2.1 on it. I would put the potato on the harddisk, if you want.
:)))) But it is a good way to demonstrate that there is no need to buy
new hardware to get Debian running... Perhaps I could show how to send
SMS with it. In fact, most of the other Distributions hand out a Pentium
optimized Kernel so that you can not boot an i486 or give out a memory

How do you think about that?


Microsoft? Is that some kind of toilet paper?

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