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Re: Braunchweig im Mai: [Fwd: Debian-Stand]

* Roland Bauerschmidt (rb@debian.org) [010306 14:57]:
> > Andreas Schuldei who *cough* is no longer living in .de...
> Yeah, but the Alpha still is. Maybe Andreas can give somebody the
> number / e-mail of the person he had contact with at Compaq. In my
> impression, Andreas had pretty good connections, and Compaq was pretty
> generous in the past...

One of the Linuxtag organizers contacted me allready and I gave
him the contact info I had. 

It will be hard to get another bunch of machines form compaq for
the same weekend, let alone the same event.

Dell might be another option, but they are doing high end intel only.
also hp was generous in the past. But they want to concentrate on
suse and redhat in the future, since these are the distributions
their hardware is certified for.

this in one more reason to get debian certified by big hardware

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