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Linuxdays in Austria


 I'd like to inform you of another interesting upcoming event, the
Linuxdays in Austria.  Information about this event can be found on it's
homepage under <http://www.linuxdays.at/> (which is currently in a more
bad than useful state: e.g. the entry-fees will be noticeable lowered).
The quick info for the horny: Wed 20th and Thu 21th of June, in St.
Poelten (capital of lower austria)

 Last friday there was "Lokalaugenschein" (uhm, ding doesn't find
anything useful; it was mainly for viewing the location, and also a
first coordination meeting).

 So, what will be done?  It is planed to have an exibition from more or
less interesting/big linux companies (we are e.g. in contact with IBM,
Fujitsu Siemens), some booths are also reserved for community members to
present their projects.  And there will be a room where install-parties
will be held, with different distributions.

 So - it might be that we will get a booth.  But I don't know what
usually is done at such a booth?  Merchandising?  As far as the
discussion goes it might be a problem to sell things on a community
booth - but I might discuss that part...

 And, currently I'm the only one that will go there.  It would be nice
if one can assist me....  Especially it will be appreciated if one could
hold a talk, it hasn't to be a debian-specific, talks are always needed.

 Has anyone done such a thing before?  I'm quite sure ;-)  So any
support would be appreciated from me and also from the organisation
team, I guess.  Especially when it comes to the install party:  Can one
give me a helping hand there?  Is the task-select part good enough for a
quick introduction for the install or can that be tweaked with
self-done images?  Currently it seems like install from an server will
be done, so is a single binary cd enough?

 Thanks.  Personally I think discussion should go to the debian-at
mailinglist for it is specific to austria - on the other hand it's
mainly about an event and the problems I'm aiming at currently aren't
specific to that event....  So I'd like yourself to decide if you think
your answer should go to either one or both of the lists depending on
what you adress.  I personally will read both lists/threads.

 Thanks again for any input you can offer.
P.S.: Answers that go to debian-at only should be considered to be
german-language only.
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