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Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam

On Sunday 24 December 2000 10:50, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> In my mailbox was also sitting an offer for five (5) free conference
> passes, apparently given to each association. I have to submit five names
> before 31 dec; we currently have only four:
>   Joost van Baal
>   Bas Zoetekouw
>   Paul Slootman
>   Anne Bezemer
> That is assuming that
>   Russell Coker
>   Ivo Timmermans
> who are speakers, get one free conference pass for themselves. (Please
> confirm!)

That is correct in my case.  However I am not sure about Ivo.  He should have 
asked for all tickets but may not have done so.  I requested that I get free 
access to all exhibitions, tutorials, etc and this was agreed to.

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