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Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Russell Coker wrote:

> >Since this is a Dutch event, language will be (mainly) Dutch from now on.
> >Unless requested otherwise of course.
> I'm afraid that my knowledge of Dutch isn't great enough to enable me to 
> participate in the discussion unless it's in English.

English it will be ;-)

> I will be at the show.  I have just been informed that my presentation on 
> "New File Storage Technology in Linux" has been accepted (but it's not yet 
> mentioned on the web page.
> This will limit my ability to contribute to the Debian stand, but I'll drop 
> in regularly and I'll be happy to have people directed to me if they have 
> questions that match the areas that I know about.  After my presentation is 
> over (afternoon of the 24th) I'll probably spend the rest of the show at the 
> Debian stand (if there's room).

That would be great!

  Anne Bezemer

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