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SYTEMS coming closer (6 - 10.11.2000)


One of Europe's largest  IT exhibition SYSTEMS is starting in 2 weeks
in Munich (Muenchen), Germany.
SYSTEMS itself is an exhibition for everything from software to hardware,
buf following last years huge success, The publisher of the German
Linux Magazine is organizing a "Linux Park" using a whole exhibition hall
and Debian, of course, has been invited.

I myself am  not certain if we have a booth or just an info point and how many
exhibitors tickets we will get (Joey can you shed the light?) but we need
to start collecting names of people showing up in order to man our booth
all 5 days. 
Who is coming and wants to help?

The show is primary targeted at people in the IT filed and as a such, there
will be many Linux people and many many more people who want to know, what
they can do with Linux. Last year, I had lots of very interesting conversations
with many Debian users and many very interested people. 

If some people are looking for free accomodation, one or two can sleep
on the floor at my place if you bring your own matress and sleeping bag.
The other resident developer (he lives just 100m from my place :-) has
agreed to provide a roof, too; same conditions.

The show itself costs DM52 (26 Euro) to attend (DM 37 for students) a day
but this includes transportation in Munich. Our exhibitor ticket are
limited so if you can get your company to pay, that would be apreciated.

Next, what kind of promotional stuff do we have/should we get?

Currently I have received 10kgs of Debian flyers from Joey (the ones from
the Linuxtag) and can bring my 1m-sized Tux.
We need at least  a big Debian sign/poster to stick on to the wall.
Furthermore should we print T-Shirts to be sold? (Who has done that in the past?
Additionally I think we are provided with one computer and some network
connectivity but if we have the space, we should demonstrate as many
architectures as possible Debian runs on.

So, who's coming? 


	Oliver M. Bolzer

GPG (PGP) Fingerprint = 621B 52F6 2AC1 36DB 8761  018F 8786 87AD EF50 D1FF

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