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Re: Peto pri debian-l10n-esperanto

Quoting Serge Leblanc (serge.leblanc@wanadoo.fr):
>    La debian-l10n-esperanto estis aktivigata ci posttagmezo.
>    Amike,

Great news. So, now that everything seems to be working smoothly here,
I can safely unsubscribe from this list. I'll probably won't
re-subscribe to -l10n-esperanto and thus won't bother you people with
my English only mails..:-)

Please keep in mind that having at least one member of the l10n team
subscribed to debian-i18n is really highly recommended to be able to
get general news about i18n/l10n in Debian. IIRC, Edmund is, so that
shouldn't be a big concern. And probably some other people are
subscribed as well..

Long life to -l10n-esperanto.


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