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Re: Writing acces to eo.po file.

On sam, 2005-04-30 at 13:18 -0300, Luiz Portella wrote:
 -- Christian Perrier skribis:
>Well, I tend to discourage having too much people with commit access.
>After all, what you need is getting the file and, for that, you don't
>need commit access. 

No. When I write "I too wish it.", I mean "I want to become writer for
this file".

>Of course, if the esperanto translators prefers working with several
>people getting commit access and do the review directly in the SVN
>repository, I won't object too much but given that the translation
>file is re-"exploded" to all D-I packages, this would trigger a lot of
>commits if all updates and review are commited directly.
>I have granted accedd to Serge.

I wope that this team will great.

Mi jus korektis la dosieron eo.po pri la unikoda problemo.
Sendu al mi vian  korektajn flikaĵoj, mi alŝutos ilin.

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