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Re: Writing acces to eo.po file.

Quoting Luiz Portella (lfpor@lujz.org):

> Hi, I too wish it. My Alioth username is portreto-guest. I request
> "portreto" and I have received "portreto-guest".

Well, I tend to discourage having too much people with commit access.

After all, what you need is getting the file and, for that, you don't
need commit access. 

Of course, if the esperanto translators prefers working with several
people getting commit access and do the review directly in the SVN
repository, I won't object too much but given that the translation
file is re-"exploded" to all D-I packages, this would trigger a lot of
commits if all updates and review are commited directly.

I have granted accedd to Serge.

PS : no need to CC me, I'm subscribed to the mailing list, even if I
don't understand and speak Esperanto.

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