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Keynote presentations from Red Hat

?Keynote presentations from Red Hat, HP, Oracle, IBM and BEA Systems, with special appearances from some high-profile customers ?including Orbitz and Virgin Mobile USA.

?Conference sessions spread across eight different tracks, including: Business Side of Linux, Managing Linux, Security Issues, Developer Issues, Kernel Cluster, Emerging Technologies, Desktop Linux and Operating in a Mixed Environment.

?Eight half-day tutorials, which provide in-depth training and discussion on key technologies.

?Four exclusive Hands-on Labs, which offer hands-on training on specific skills.

?20 Birds-of-a-Feather Meetings, which are open to all attendees and provide a forum for discussing hot industry topics, including Linux and Movies, the Wine Project, Thin Linux and Linux Games.

?The Golden Penguin Bowl, the entertaining and educational geek trivia contest, which will feature notable open source personalities from Apple Computer and the Linux community.

For more information on LinuxWorld Conference & Expo or to register, visit www.linuxworldexpo.com.

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