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Re: adding locale for esperanto (eo_XX)

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:

Olivier ARCHER <olivier.archer@ifremer.fr>:

new to the list.
I'm trying to add support for esperanto locale in debian/unstable

so i've apt-get source libc6, untar glibc-2.3.2, and add locale for esperanto so i've add glibc-2.3.2/localedata/locales/eo_XX (from htpp://www.bertilow.com/komputeo/eo_XX.txt)

There's no need to go there. Debian already has an Esperanto locale in
the package locales: /usr/share/i18n/locales/eo_EO

It would be better to rename it to eo_XX or have both as synonyms.

Hi Edmund,
So, we just have to add eo_EO (or EO_XX) to glibc-2.3.2/localedata/locales/SUPPORTED so users can set theire locale with dpkg-reconfigure locales. I've do not done more than that (just add eo.po, not well traduced). But changing few byte in a source package need recompilation of the package... and locales are part of libc6, who is a *big* package.
   So I think this is a minor patch to libc6 (ie locales).

btw, what's are differences between eo_EO you've write and Bertil Wennergren's one (eo_XX) ? I've just took Bertil one because it is more recent (2002-08-26 vs 2001-03-29)



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