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Re: Deleting of this mailing list

I guess it depends on how you want to look at it.  You got hold of me, which
you wouldn't have if this list doesn't exist.  I don't subscribe to most of
the other lists because, no matter what email I use, I get a complaint from
the host that I am in excess of the allocated space provided for Email.  For
example the user list will generate around 500 to 1000 messages  a day.  If I
don't get back for  two or three days  take a wild guess how many messages are
there.  Doesn't do much good to try to filter them because 2 thirds  of them
come direct from an email address and they usually don't put the Re: in the
subject for filtering.  So do whatever you think best, but if you do you won't
reach me. I am currently subscribing to
The other one I'm not familiar with.  Thank you.

Herschel Hoy
cu31@midusa.net     Note: main ISP provider mail
ssg.hoy@revolutionist.com      Note: I own this one.  On forward to

Hanno 'Rince' Wagner wrote:

> Hi,
> it seems that these two mailinglists are so-called dead - no one is
> writing in here, so there are (as we see it from the outside) not
> necessary.
> If you think this is a wrong assumption, please let us know, then
> the mailinglist stays where it is. If not, we will remove that
> mailinglist soon.
> Ciao, Hanno, one of listmaster@lists.debian.org
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