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printing in Active Directory environnement

Hi everybody,

I installed around 30 Debian Wheezy computers in the school I work for.
The network architecture is simple, with one Win 2003 Server acting as
domain controller, file server and print server.
My users on Debian can now authenticate against Active Directory, access
shares and print.

My problem is that I didn't find the "good" way to print using Kerberos
credentials : it seems that CUPS should be able to do it, but does not
(see for example
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/788167), so you have
to write a custom backend (for example
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2176738, which is the one I
currently use).

The CUPS documentation is a bit short
(http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/doc-1.5/kerberos.html), and I
already spent dozens of hours on this, seeing that everybody facing this
problem gives up or use a custom backend. I don't know if I should
report it as a bug to CUPS maintainers or a feature request to Samba
maintainers (maybe they could write a custom backend and distribute it
as a package, like samba-krb-printing for OpenSuse).

What do you think about this issue ? May I miss something important ?

Another reason I am giving headache on this is because I now that many
other schools I am in contact with are interested to use Linux
computers, and because my network architecture is really common : it
should work without hacking !

For people interested in, I wrote a procedure (in french) available at 
http://unptitcoin.no-ip.org/index.php?article3/poste-de-travail-debian-7-integre-a-un-domaine-active-directory. This version is very old but I will update it next week.

Thanks very much for reading and helping,
Yvan Masson

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