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Need help with .deb packaging...

Hello folks,

I'm trying to create a .deb package from a tarball.

After following a guide in Debian's website on how to create a package, I ended up with an error in "debuild -us -uc" that I don't even know how to debug it to solve.

I'm pasting it here:
dh binary
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2'
Making install in sw
make[2]: Entering directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
make[3]: Entering directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
/bin/bash ../mkinstalldirs /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/bin
mkdir -p -- /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/bin
 /usr/bin/install -c pinger2 /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/bin/pinger2
mkdir -p /usr/share/pinger/data
/bin/bash ../mkinstalldirs /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger
mkdir -p -- /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 pinger2.pl /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/pinger2.pl
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 pinger.xsd /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/pinger.xsd
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 pinger.xml /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/pinger.xml
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 dnsV4Cmd.pl /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/dnsV4Cmd.pl
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 beacons.txt /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/beacons.txt
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 installCron.pl /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger/installCron.pl
make  install-data-hook
make[4]: Entering directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
chmod ugo+x /usr/share/pinger/installCron.pl
chmod: cannot access `/usr/share/pinger/installCron.pl': No such file or directory
make[4]: *** [install-data-hook] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
make[3]: *** [install-data-am] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
make[2]: *** [install-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/sw'
make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2'
dh_auto_install: make -j1 install DESTDIR=/root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger returned exit code 2
make: *** [binary] Error 29
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2
debuild: fatal error at line 1325:
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc failed


It's clear to me that the chmod fails because it should look for the file in the folder /root/bullshit/pinger-2.0.2/debian/pinger/usr/share/pinger; and the file is there. But I don't know what I should manipulate to fix this issue…

Thanks for any help.

Vinícius Ferrão: Administrador de Sistemas
www.ferrao.eti.br | +55 (21) 8888-2619

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