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Re: speculations to characterize issues for Debian Enterprise

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 11:28:26AM +1000, Geoff Crompton wrote:
> I think getting more debian-enterprise people involved in these bugs may  
> help.


> Would it make sense to tag such bugs with some kind of  
> debian-enterprise tag?

IMHO it requires a lot of discipline to hunt this kind of bugs.  IMHO
it is easier to have a list of all bugs concerning packages which have
some relevance for Debian Enterprise.  You get such lists for free once
you define Blends tasks.  (See for instance the list of bugs for Debian

BTW, it has turned out that for *designing* such tasks pages and finding
reasonable categories a Wiki is quite handy.  Once this design phase is
finished I'd volunteer to create the tasks files as a kickstart.  The
suggested approach for the Wiki is:

  == category_foo ==
  Short description of category_foo
  Long description of category_foo

  * pkg1_of_foo
  * pkg2_of_foo
  * ...

  == category_bar ==
  Short description of category_bar
  Long description of category_bar

  * pkg1_of_bar
  * pkg2_of_bar
  * ...


Some categories which come to my mind are "webserver", "mailserver",
"database", "authentication", "groupware" - but I have no idea whether
this is really practical or not.  Tools like puppit might go into
a category "admintools" and probably fai is also well placed here.

Kind regards



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