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Re: How to force a desktop configuration.


Am Montag, den 18.05.2009, 09:49 -0400 schrieb Jeremy Winder:
> I have a problem I'm hoping you all can help me solve. I need to lock
> down my users' desktop configurations, background, window theme, default
> icons, panel locations, Thunderbird configurations, etc. When it comes
> right down to it, the users should not be able to make any configuration
> changes; however, they should still be able to use the applications made
> available to them.
> I have thought about just moving the ~/.config, ~/.mozilla, etc
> directories to some place outside their home directories then symlinking
> them back in. But this seems "hackish" to me.
> Is there a better solution?

Gnome: http://projects.gnome.org/sabayon/


and in Mozilla you can use the lockPref Option:

I hope this helps.

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