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Root Authentication Problem with Cron

Dear All,
     I have a Debian server using Kerberos and LDAP authentication against a Mac OS X 10.5 Server.  All works great, but one problem, everytime cron runs it tries to authenticate root against the LDAP server, it completes succesfully, but I would like to try and stop the authentication attempt against LDAP.  I have the LDAP files (pam_ldap.conf, ldap.conf, and libnss-ldap.conf) set for a minimum uid of 1025, the krb5.conf file is also set for a minimum uid of 1025, and the first authentication scheme in the pam.d files is pam_unix.so.  nsswitch.conf lists passwd, group, and shadow as "files ldap".  Any ideas?

Chris Brandstetter

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