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JBoss5 on Debian: call for testers


I'm writing on behalf of the Debian pkg-jboss group.

JBoss 5 is being packaged by us with the overall goal to get it into
Debian. There is still much work to do, especially in the build process,
packaging more components of JBoss separately, and getting those already
packaged separately working with JBoss 5.
But our first priority is to get it working in a usable way, and I
believe we have reached a usable status now.

The profiles "default", "minimal", "web" and "standard" seem to be
working ("all" isn't yet), but we would like to find people who want to
use JBoss on Debian and are able to test it.

So far we've been developing on Debian unstable, would be interesting if
someone tests it on Debian testing and reports back to us.

Packages are available from [1].
The ones I am talking about are jbossas5, libjbossas5-java and
jbossas5-doc, all in version 5.0.0~GA-0.5.
At the moment, you also need the temporary package jbossas5-libs (0.4-1)
for the others to work.

Further information can be found on [2].

Please let any discussion concerning this take place on the
pkg-jboss-maintainer list [3], hosted on alioth [4].

Feedback, testing and help is welcome and much appreciated.

[1] deb http://pkg-jboss.alioth.debian.org unstable/all/
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/JBossPackaging
[3] https://alioth.debian.org/mail/?group_id=30355
[4] https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-jboss

Philipp Hübner

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