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What's new?

Hi altogether,
some recent updates to Debian that might be interesting for people
running Debian in an "Enterprise" environment:

* The JBoss 4 appliation server entered the Debian archives recently:
  JBoss is one of the most widely used Java application servers.
  The packaging is still incomplete but the many core libraries and
  related projects are available including hibernate3. The core parts of
  Sun's glassfish application server (version 2) have been uploaded,

* VirtualBox Open Source edition has been added to Debian:
  It is currently the most advanced open source virtualisation software
  that can support certain non-free guest operating systems. And VBox is
  quite handy for testing customized Debian installation mechanisms that
  are sometimes used in enterprise environments.

* libvirt and virt-manager are now available:
  The virtual machine manager allows for the easy creation and
  administration of large amounts of virtual machines. It's a graphical
  user interface built on top of libvirt. Xen support is currently
  disabled in these packages due to bug #384443 but this will hopefully
  be fixed soon. KVM and QEMU are already working well.

* multipath support in Debian Installer:
  D-I doesn't currently support multipath'ed installations out of the
  box but the necessary patches are all here:
  Hopefully we'll have all this merged for lenny.

 -- Guido

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