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Re: Multistrap from jessie to stretch

On Wednesday 31. May 2017 06.45.21 Leon Brits wrote:
> At some point, trying to get it to work, I also got the error"
> "Starting init: /etc/init exists but couldn't execute it (error -13)"
> Just before the "sh: " prompt in the above output. I am unable to get
> information on error "13".

I've been trying to get a multistrapped version of Stretch working and have 
seen exactly this error. In my case, I omitted the sysvinit-core package just 
to see if going "full systemd" might cure irritating errors like "systemd-
logind: failed to get session" occurring and actually preventing things like 
XFCE from working. Instead, something wants to run /etc/init, which in my 
"legacy" arrangement is a directory.

Indeed, I really wouldn't mind knowing how one is supposed to initialise a 
multistrapped system in the systemd era. What I had working until now was an 
arrangement where /sbin/init links to a shell script (in /etc/preinit to 
preserve OpenWrt conventions) which is run by Busybox (because other shells 
may not be configured). The shell script runs dpkg --configure -a to set 
everything up and then restores the proper /sbin/init file.

For Jessie and Stretch, particularly the latter, I found that sysvinit-core 
was recommended to preserve the "legacy" init system. This does, in fact, 
allow my "preinit" stuff to work. However, I still get systemd-logind 
complaining and obstructing things. I imagine that some other packages are 
required, but cannot find any advice about it.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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