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Re: State of emdebian / Future plans

On 2017-03-10 15:19 +0100, Janek Filus wrote:
> Hello,
> Are some people still working on this project or is it dead? We would
> like to know if there is still some work going on and what the future
> plans are - looking through the archives seems that no one really
> manages the homepage and its archives (full of spam).

Development of emdebian stopped 2-3? years ago. The repository
is still used to supply stable cross-toolchains, and I'll maintain
that for as long as jessie is supported.

Various outputs of the project are still used, like multistrap. 

The web pages are kept up but not much effort goes into them. 

Where is full of spam? I'm happy to tidy that up if I can.

The mailing list and IRC channel are still used from time to time.

So we are very much in maintenance/gentle-decline mode these days.

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