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Re: PC for industrial DAQ

On 4/7/2016 2:40 AM, Iker Bilbao wrote:
Dear all,

     This is my first mail to the list, please tell me if I
should address other list for this subject.

     I am searching for a PCI card I can use in a DebianPC for
data acquisition in the case of analog signal at >100kSamples/sec
and >16bits resolution.

For the strictly data acquisition side of your questionS, I recommend posting a detailed description of your needs and goals. 100k sample rate is not particularly high. However combined with 16 bit resolution would likely at or beyond consumer grade products. You will need to specify the input signal range.

Caution: I'm from vacuum tube era. Though I casually follow the field, I AM NOT an expert on current state of the art. One question though, are you intentionally excluding USB connected devices? They would have portability advantages.

     I wonder if you can recommend, upon your personal
experience, any PCI card to install in a PC workstation to work
with this fast, high resolution analog signal.

     Thanks in advance,

*Iker Bilbao.**

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