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Crosscompile using desktop packages


'got a BBB (Beaglbone Black) here; and want to do some crosscompiling.

Because I hate wasting time watching compilers, I'm very happy to see that
Debian Testing (Stretch) has cross-compilers packages available. !


But what are the implications?

### Question 1a)
Does a packaged cross-compiler
generate code that works seamlessly together with the Debian armhf Distro

Or are there incompatibility issues regarding ABI, libc, kernel, ...
and other stuff?
If incompatible, then:
 * what's the rationale behind having the Debian armhf Distro, or a
cross-compiler package,
   and how/when would I use either?

### Question 1b)
Which cross-compiler do I need to use, to work with the Debian armhf
Distro ? Any other dependencies (libc, ...)?

### Question 1c)
How can I use the Debian armhf Distro on an embedded board such as BBB
(Beaglebone Black)?
Is there a howto somewhere?

### Question 2
What's the state of Debian cross-compilers and the Debian armhf Distro?
Because as far as I can see Derek Molloy (**) is recommending using
using package crossbuild-essential-armhf under Jessie,
but for that you need a special repo:
  deb http://emdebian.org/tools/debian jessie main
(**) http://exploringbeaglebone.com/chapter7/#CC_Cross-compilation_on_the_BeagleBone_Platform

But as of July 2014, updates to the Emdebian distributions ceased.

### Question 3
Could you recommend a manner of using some cross-tool-chain and distro?
Is Debian cross-compiler and armhf Distro usable? Or is it
work-in-progress, that will become usable in the future?
(PS: I haven't seen clang-x-arm-linux-gnueabihf unfortunately...)

In case Debian things are still in a state of flux, can you recommend
some alternative for the time being?
(Linaro's cross-toolchain?? But will they work with armhf Distro?)


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