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Re: requirements for embedded

Le 12. 02. 15 11:06, Abdelkader Belahcene a écrit :
Hi, every body

Although, I  use debian( or gnuLinux in general) fro very long time,
I am new to the embedded linux system.
I want to know the requirements ( software tools and if possible the kind of hardware) to start a project for building an embbeded linux..
Any idea can help, thanks in advance.


I used custom scripts, scratchbox, buildroot, openembedded, and tried yocto, but today I use Debian Jessies on all the embedded target boards I work on. The most effective path is probably to find an existing Debian Jessie image for a board that closely match your target board, then start to adapt it for your needs.

* Install the required cross compiler.
* Build a bootloader (for example Barebox).
* Build a kernel.
* Configure a Device Tree.
* Install the Debian package you needs in the filesystem.
* Create new Debian packages for your specific applications.

It's a joy to work on a target that essentially run exactly the same way as a standard Debian workstation.

Best Regards,

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