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Re: brickstrap!

On 01/15/2015 01:03 AM, Larry Doolittle wrote:
David -

Thanks for putting the effort into brickstrap!

While I can't claim to have booted my Pogoplug with a brickstrap-generated
file system yet, brickstrap is working _far_ better for me than anything
before.  I spent days fumbling around with fakechroot, debootstrap, and
polystrap, before finding your code base.

I did need to make a couple of changes along the way.  git patch attached.
I don't promise my changes are the right ones, but I do know the lines I
modified need _some_ sort of change.  This patch doesn't count minor tweaks
I made inside the kirkwood directory.

I'm sending this to you directly, because I couldn't quickly find an
appropriate public forum.  Feel free to redirect me.

    - Larry

Thanks for the patch. I have applied it. Since brickstrap is part of the greater ev3dev project, we have been managing issues at <https://github.com/ev3dev/ev3dev>. But if you and/or others are interested in making it work for other boards, I can turn the issues on at <https://github.com/ev3dev/brickstrap> to keep things separate. You can already submit pull requests there.

When I forked polystrap, I neglected all of the other boards and the parts of default/ that we are not using so you are on the right track so far. You should be able to figure out what else needs to be fixed up by looking at the ev3dev-jessie folder as it is the only one that is up to date.

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