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Re: Unable to install package gcc-4.7-arm-linux-gnueabi

On Sun, 4 Jan 2015 00:21:55 +0100
Andreas Schaefer <andishfr@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hello.
> I try to setup a debian wheezy machine to cross compile a debian
> system for arm. 

ARM is an outdated Debian port (ARMv4).

armel is for ARMv5 (PXA)

armhf is for modern ARM hardware - panda, beaglebone-black, cubie,
bananapi ...


> I’m having trouble to get packages installed. If i’m
> wrong here at the mailing list please let me now.

Yes, you've been directed to the wrong instructions.


Now has a prominent notice that the emdebian toolchains are unsupported
and pointing at the proper location:


> deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ wheezy main
> deb-src http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ wheezy main

You need this:
(for gcc-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabi though you probably want the ARMv5
support in gcc-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf)

> I did an apt-get update and an apt-get install
> emdebian-archive-keyring. So i do not get any NO_PUBKEY error - fine.

No, that is not fine. The key has been revoked. Do not trust anything
signed by it.

Those who have already installed these packages can continue to use
them but must not install any updates (there won't be any from original

> Ok. Now when i try to install libgomp1-armel-cross like this:

Don't go down the -arm*-cross road, it just isn't worth it.

> I guess ‘wheezy’ is stable so i should not get package problems like
> they may appear in testing or unstable. What am i doing wrong?

Wheezy is stable - for a little while longer at least. Cross-toolchains
are not. Cross-toolchains are not part of wheezy and therefore do not
follow the same rules as apply to wheezy. You will get package problems
with cross-toolchains because those packages are not part of wheezy.

Cross-toolchains are not in the next stable release, Jessie, either.
However, the toolchains in unstable are at least supportable. The
situation will improve with the Stretch release but neither Wheezy nor
Jessie have cross-toolchains included in the release and both need
mangling to get cross-building working.

> Do i have to build 4.8 from sources using an installed gcc-4.7?

You can, or you simply use a chroot.


Neil Williams

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