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Re: systemd and cdebootstrap --foreign

On 2014-10-25 18:08, Paul Harvey wrote:
> I just worry that people don't realize how many
> greenfield projects/products are starting out today that are never going
> to ship with a linux kernel new enough to boot systemd. And perhaps that
> isn't enough reason to change the outcome of whether Debian should
> formally continue to support sysvinit in Jessie or future releases.

>From my POV it is realistic that the emdebian community can
support sysvinit and/or upstart until Jessie + 1 or Jessie + 2.
Maybe not for every daemon or service, but for critical ones on
such boards. At the same time more boards come up, that work with
current kernels and systemd. (In my 9G20 project, we will try to
update to kernel 3.16 and move from upstart to systemd.)

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