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Re: multiarch compatible cross compilers for Jessie

On Thursday 7. August 2014 19.33.25 Wookey wrote:
> +++ Jean-Christian de Rivaz [2014-08-07 18:39 +0200]:
> > As I understand, emDebian is now in a kind of "reloaded" state to
> > take advantage of multiarch.
> > 
> > Is there already multiarch cross compiler available for Jessie ?
> Sort-of. cross-binutils packages are in Jessie (well, unstable so far)
> gcc packages are not but are being proparely (and will hopefully be
> more-or-less finalised at bootstrap sprint next week).
> https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2014/BootstrapSprint
> Details of apt and git repos are on
> https://wiki.debian.org/MultiarchCrossToolchainBuild
> Any testing people can do of toolchains, and the cross-binutils packages
> would be very helpful.

OK, as you know, I managed to build a toolchain recently, specifically for an 
i386 build platform and a mipsel target platform. Aside from the occasional 
dependency disruption where I managed to update various gcc-related i386 
packages and then had to wait for the mipsel dependencies to catch up (or be 
told that the gcc-4.9 build dependencies needed all my essential packages to 
be removed in order for them to be installed themselves), and apart from the 
dh_strip problem mentioned a few days ago (where I'd managed to ignore the 
workaround suggested by YunQiang Su), it all seemed to work.

One thing that wasn't clear and doesn't seem to be resolved, however, and 
which seems to obstruct package cross-building is the matter of the generic 
gcc program or symbolic link:


I suppose that the "resolution" of this matter by providing the gcc-defaults-
armel-cross package isn't really a proper solution. Unless one manually makes 
a symbolic link for gcc (in my case, mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc, I guess), it 
appears necessary for me to edit debian/rules files to set CC manually 
wherever configure is called, although I could be missing some debhelper 
mechanism that would normally be invoked to deal with this.

Another thing is the matter of programs like pkg-config:


Again, the suggested solution of manually making a symbolic link for a target 
platform seems like a bit of a hack, really, but it does seem to make cross-
builds work without any extra effort. I suppose no further consensus was 
reached about providing platform-specific pkg-config programs or links.

Anyway, after a couple of successful cross-builds (involving the libvorbisidec 
and sdl-mixer1.2 source packages), those are my experiences so far. Thanks to 
everyone who has made this possible!


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