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Re: An available alpha cross compiler?

+++ Osvaldo Navarro [2014-05-13 12:36 +0200]:
>    Hello
>    I'm looking for an alpha cross compiler, in order to use the simcore
>    simulator, which requires coff alpha binaries. 
>    I saw in the Embeddian website that there is a package for an alpha cross
>    compiler, but the link is dead. Does anybody know if it's still available
>    somewhere?

It should be a fairly simple matter to build a current alpha
cross-compiler fore Debian using 'buildcross' from experiemntal. Just
set the config file to 'alpha' and the appropriate suite (stable,
testing) and set it off. You will need to point it at debian-ports
repo, not debian as it is no longer a release architecture (to get the
necessary libc package).


Alpha may have got bitrot since last time somebody tried this, but it's easy to test.

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