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Multistrap patches


I wasn't sure where to send this, hope you don't mind me spamming the list.

Anyway, here is a couple of patches for multistrap, mostly for
the example configuration files which where seriously outdated,
but also a patch fixing the experimental multiarch support.

As I just wrote all of this tonight testing has been limited,
but I have verified that on my amd64 wheezy system the following
commands all result in working toolchains:

sudo multistrap -a amd64 -s buildchroot -d unstable-amd64
sudo multistrap -a amd64 -s buildchroot-stable -d stable-amd64
sudo multistrap -a amd64 -s armel -d unstable-armel
sudo multistrap -a amd64 -s armel-gcc4.4 -d stable-armel

I have also verified that the following doesn't blow up:
sudo multistrap -a amd64 -f /usr/share/doc/multistrap/examples/multiarch.conf -d multiarch

Hope you find this usefull, and feel free to ask if there are any questions.

Best regards
Jon Severinsson

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