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PXE Booting Grip


I have a few older thin clients (x86) that I'd like to install Embedian Grip onto. More of a because I can, than any real use, although it will be handy to have something low power and quick booting in my workshop to lookup manuals and access the rest of my stuff from.

I started out installing a minimal Wheezy install on a USB key that plugs into it. That works, but the USB interface on this older client is a bit slow so am attempting to use the internal flash instead, which is only 256MB, and the minimal text-only install is still a touch chunky and I'd like a lightweight X interface. Hence the desire to try Embedian.

I'd like to PXE boot it and use the debian-installer to install rather than any other (even maybe use a preseed) mostly for the sake of simplicity. I have a PXE setup already for VMware and other systems and the thin clients flash is also connected via a proprietary or at least unusual connector, which makes it difficult to use normal methods.

I have tried using the normal Debian PXE kernel and initrd from the Wheezy CD/DVD, however it fails when trying to download the installer files from the Emdebian mirror, complaining that it is a 'bad archive mirror'. A quick look at /var/log/syslog from the installer, says that 'libc6-udeb' does not exist, I'm guessing that the normal installer looks for things that the default Emdebian distro doesn't include.

* Is it possible to use PXE and debian-installer to install Emdebian?? 
* Is there an alternative group of default PXE resources for grip (eg emdebian kernel and initrd) that I can download?? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction.
* If not, what is the simplest way to create these?? Again can anyone point me in the right direction for some docs or a how-to??
* Or will I be better off creating my own mirror and adding the required packages from Wheezy (or rebuilding my own of course).



Dan Hawker

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