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Cross-compiling debian packages for arm - an automated way?

Hello All,

Currently i am trying to setup a box as a crosscompiler/repository for
debian packages. The packages are probably going to be most useful for
me/small set of people but nevertheless i want to do it.

The box targeted (for built packages) is Raspberry Pi (armv6 hardfloat),
but unfortunately it is not beefy enough to do the compile on it, in a
sensible time and repeatable manner.

Therefore i am looking for a way to crosscompile on x86_64 the packages.
I tried to follow the Linaro multiarch cross compile guide
(https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/CrossCompile/CrossbuildingQuickStart) but didn't have any measurable success.

I will be glad for any pointers how to setup a crosscompile system that
can do the following:
 * Run on x86_64
 * be able to compile for armhf
 * Be able to create deb packages out of dsc / apt-get source
 * Be able to compile packages in an isolated environment (chroot/kVM)
 * Be able to maintain a repository (not mandatory as reprepro is nice
and easy)
 * supports some kind of buildd functionality (also not mandatory as
package builds can be automated in other ways and are not expected to be
so frequent)

Please note:
 * I am not shooting for recompiling the whole archive, just some stuff
we find useful/want to modify or not packaged
 * Probably will recompile some packages which are not to our
satisfaction in terms of layout, features or similar.
 * Kernel is not completely out of the question, but quite some way down
the road
 * I am just appalled by the most projects/tutorials for the RPI that
say ... wget ; tar ; configure ; make ... this is just not right.

Please excuse me if i missed some blatantly obvious link, it might be my
search-fu is not good enough.
Vladimir Vitkov

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