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Re: Removed apt

Op 2013-07-17 om 21:15 schreef Xuexiu Han:
> Hello list,
> I wanted to remove the debian-archive-keyring and reinstall it; however,
> unfortunately other important stuff was removed as well: apt-utils,
> tasksel, tasksel-data, aptitude, apt.
> I tried to download and install these things by dpkg, but it turned out the
> version is too new for my machine and some problems popped out (eg.  libc6
> conflicts with tzdata-etch and tzdata provides tzdata-etch and is
> installed.)
> Could anybody provide older versions of [apt-utils, tasksel, tasksel-data,
> aptitude, apt] so that I can use apt-get (so frustrating...)?


> PS, it's sip, powerpc architecture, debian 4.0.


> Thank you very much!
> Xuexiu

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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