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Debian tablet computer

Dear Debian developpers,

I'm a french teacher of the secondary school and I try to be a free software and Debian activist. :-) I work for an educational organisation, CRDP de Versailles, and, along last years, we had some actions on the front of free software :

If I write you today, it's because we are trying to make possible a free tablet computer for schools.
We are beginning a work with the company Unowhy?


At the moment, the tablet is based on Ubuntu, with a hacked kernel.
Technical specs :
- Processor omap4 Texas Instrument : Cortex A9 dual core at 1Ghz
- GPU3D : PowerVR SGX 450
- GPU2D : Video Processor for hardware 1080p decoding
- RAM 512 Mo
- SSD 8 Go
- Screen 10’1 (WSVGA, 1024x600)
- Capacitive multitouch screen
- Battery 5000 mAh
- HP stéréo
- 4 buttons
Connectivity :
- Wifi B/G/N
- SD reader
- Ethernet
- Headphone connector

We have planned an appointment with the CTO of Unowhy? to see how they could work with Debian community. The point is that most of the software must be made specificaly for a tablet computer. For the moment, imho, only gnome-shell could work natively with a tablet.

The appointment is the 4th of July at CRDP de Versailles, Marly-le-Roi in France at 18 pm. It's late in tge evening because most of free software developpers are volunteers.

Let me know if you are interested in participating at this appointment. Of course this invite is mostly for french developpers, but this could be a first step. Feel free to contact other developpers you know they could be interested.

Hope seeing you on 4th july :-)


Louis-Maurice De Sousa

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